Amjad Khan, HSBC

Amjad Khan, HSBC

Amjad Khan

Head of Customer Advocacy and Intelligence


United Kingdom

After being named as one of our finalists in last year’s CX Leader of the Year, Amjad Khan has spent the last 12 months building on his impressive work within HSBC’s UK Wealth Management and Insurance business. 

Amjad has continued to improve and finesse his team’s CX strategy which has led to the wealth and insurance business now boasting some of the highest NPS and customer satisfaction within HSBC UK across their journeys, frontline and call centre.

Amjad has also delved even deeper into the customer journey and obtained a greater customer knowledge through segmentation and Strategic NPS.

Amjad’s Voice of the Customer strategy has also undergone a revamp. He and his team publish monthly packs to the business, which contain all manners of qualitative and quantitative metrics about customers. This data is used in a prioritisation process in collaboration with stakeholders and senior leaders, to understand the areas that are most meaningful to customers and therefore require improvement. 

Another new concept led by Amjad and his team are the Customer Working Group sessions, where all customer journey teams meet up with cross functional teams across the business to discuss insights, real customer stories and experiences that they then use to shape their backlogs and focus areas.

Amjad’s contributions to CX have also been recognised externally. He has conducted various talks and showcases to highlight the initiatives and new ways of working. The combination of his internal and external CX work has resulted in Amjad being acknowledged by a number of industry awards. 

Over the last 12 months, being able to see the impacts and achievements we’ve had as an organisation through some of the different thinking and influencing, is truly humbling and heartfelt. This has been a true team effort and having a brilliant and committed leadership team, which has made the transformation seamless. We don’t just talk about numbers and metrics, but really talk about customers and share stories of experiences our customers have had to then make the right improvements.

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