Anton de Wet, Nedbank Limited

Anton de Wet NedBank

Anton de Wet

Chief Client Officer

Nedbank Limited

South Africa

Having created a chief client officer role in Retail & Business Banking (RBB) to focus on its client-centred growth objectives, Nedbank opted to create a simple KPI - to achieve #1 NPS by 2023. This would subsequently become the KPI not just for RBB but also at Nedbank Group level. 

Establishing a new centralised CX function, Anton has continued to introduce a raft of measures to deliver on the client-centred growth strategy. These have included the establishment of a service excellence programme to drive cultural change, integrating it into the company's learning & development activity, and tightly project managing the programme and tracking its impact against control groups. 

The organisation's approach to customer feedback has been overhauled. The complaints handling team has been consolidated in a single area, where previously it was housed in different product departments, and the implementation of  touchpoint CX measures allows Nedbank RBB to get feedback per region, per area, per branch, right down to a per banker level - all of which provides feedback and improvements in a more structured manner. Voice of the employee and voice of process are now also being added to voice of the customer measures.

In other sustained efforts to improve CX and business performance, Anton has worked to raise the bar on client journey mapping skills and capabilties at the organisation. He has as also embraced scaled agile methodologies to develop a long list of fixes and improvements to be implemented, which are categorised into themes and grouped according to biggest impact - the output of which has most notably led to work with technology architecture teams that will lead to continuous improvement in the onboarding experience. 

Client experience is now on the company radar and part of everyday conversations. It forms part of the regular monthly reporting, and is embedded into performance management practices, with CX performance (against key measures) communicated to the Nedbank Group operations committee every month, in addition to the brand & client conduct committee and CEO on a regular basis. The cultural change to a client-first focus was reflected in recent staff surveys that have shown a marked improvement. 

We are delighted that client experience is now a headline KPI on the radar of our Group CEO and part of every staff roadshow engagement and analyst presentation, highlighting the importance of this objective and the support and buy-in from our CEO and managing executive for RBB, setting the tone from the top.

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