Christy Dempster, Roche Diabetes Care

Christy Dempster

Christy Dempster

Senior International Marketing Manager, CX & Analytics

Roche Diabetes Care

United States of America

When Christy started in her role heading up global CX at multinational pharmaceuticals firm Roche there were no defined objectives for customer experience improvement.  

This was not necessarily a surprise, given that Christy had risen through the ranks of marketing during her 20 years with the company, and had been instrumental herself in convincing leadership teams that the global marketing team itself needed to expand to encompass CX as part of its mandate.

In January 2020, Roche’s Global Marketing Customer Experience team was born, with Christy heading up a number of initiatives to encourage more CX thinking into the organisation. The key early stages of this process has involved establishing a strategy focused on creating positive experiences for Roche customers, establishing a set of guiding principles and a roadmap to CX improvement. Within the global marketing team, Christy ran a series of meetings across numerous countries to establish why focusing on customer-centricity and CX was now the route forwards, what it is, why it was important and what it means for all Roche employees and their roles.

Christy has since led journey workshops to capture stages, steps, touchpoints, painpoints and opportunities for improvement in the customer journey. She’s worked on a customer intelligence strategy to bring together Roche’s analytics and Voice of the Customer insight and linked them to business value and P&L. In parallel, she has also encouraged Roche’s leadership team to include a customer index as part of its success measures.

Christy acknowledges it’s still fairly early in Roche’s evolution towards being a CX-driven organisation and thus a continual role for her and her team is bringing often-siloed metrics together and making them actionable for the benefit of the customer to then measure the value they are bringing the business. Her main focus, however, is to continue to bang the drum for customer experience across the business and challenge preconceptions about why CX is so important.

The pandemic has fast-forwarded many expectations of our customers. For example, our ecommerce shop experience is not being compared to our competitors, but to Amazon. Now, more than ever, we have to really focus on creating great experiences not just with marketing, but across all the touchpoints that a customer has with us as an organisation, not just our products.

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