Claire Love, SSE Airtricity

Claire Love SSE

Claire Love

Customer Experience Lead

SSE Airtricity


When Claire started her role as customer experience lead at SSE Airtricity, her priority was to establish a clear CX vision and objectives - which she subsequently achieved through the introduction of a vision that prioritises customer needs.

Starting from scratch, Claire has overseen the incorporation and adoption of a workplace culture in which CX is fully embedded in every business decision-made - whether that be by frontline staff or heads of department. 

She workshopped ideas for CX strategies with employees from across the organisation, surfacing principles that were then ratified with the leadership team, before sharing them with all customer-facing staff - ensuring that all staff members were following one clear, cohesive CX strategy.

Another key weapon in her CX arsenal, was the revamping of the existing Voice of the Customer system. Claire replaced the former voice-recorded surveys with text messages containing rich media links. This not only increased the number of responses, but also the quality of the responses received.  

The improved quality of the new survey data meant that Claire was able to better identify trends in customer issues, some of which were used within her business cases to present the clear correlation between NPS data and business value, and put the case forward for CX improvements. 

Despite being in the role for less than two years, Claire’s determination and passion has empowered her colleagues to fully embrace her CX vision. She has also encouraged a collaborative environment where every colleague’s voice is important and recognised. Amongst the frontline staff, this has been achieved through the introduction of the Customer Hero of the Month - an award that celebrates outstanding CX performance. 

Claire’s analytical work and revamping of the Voice of the Customer system, has also enabled her to quantify the value of a detractor versus a promoter, and show that investment in CX has real business value, thus allowing her to fight for increased budget and resources allocated to projects that will enhance the company’s CX.

These changes have shown tangible results, with a 16 point increase in the company’s NPS score from September 2020 to September 2021. 

I have fought for additional training materials and skills opportunities to help them (the staff), particularly during the high pressure period of the pandemic. This has resulted in more agents coming forward with ideas for improvements and is encouraging a culture of continuous improvement.

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Claire Love