KV Dipu, Bajaj Allianz

KV Dipu

KV Dipu

President & Head of Operations, Customer Community and Customer Service

Bajaj Allianz 


Now a 2-time CX Leader of the Year finalist, KV Dipu has spearheaded the digital transformation drive at insurance company Bajaj Allianz, an industry leader ranked #7 in the global top 100 digital insurers and twice ranked Asian Digital Insurer of the Year.

Leading a team of over 1000 people in 220 locations, much of Dipu’s recent work has been about reacting and responding to the challenges of Covid-19, and the shift in expectations from customer as frictionless and seamless digital experiences become the norm.

The implementation of a 5-step digital CX framework has been a key factor in the post-pandemic response and has been designed by Dipu and his teams to be actioned in the launch of all new digital solutions provided by Bajaj Allianz: firstly collecting customer feedback, then classifying customer needs into stated and unstated needs, transferring these needs in customer-facing services, ensuring these services are actionable by staff, and finally - launching the right digital solution to meet the customer needs.

The results have been what Bajaj describe as a significantly more “consistent omni-channel experience”, that has moved beyond  simply making customer communication channels available to also ensuring that the experience across all these channels is uniformed.

Dipu has also overseen the process of weaving digital experiences into customer journeys – including one specific example of a chatbot being implemented so that when a customer clicks on Google Maps to locate a Bajaj branch, the bot pops up to ask them if the sought service can be delivered digitally, thereby eliminating the need for a trip to a branch – a crticial requirement during COVID-19.

Other measures implemented include the delivery of “device-agnostic experience” to ensure consistency in the Bajaj Allianz experience across devices and the introduction of hyper-personalisation into critical thinking about how to enhance the digital journey for customers.

In recent times, Dipu and his team have been able to see their work reflected in the successes of having enjoyed the highest NPS in the insurance industry – as surveyed by an independent agency – and also the lowest customer grievance level of Indian insurances, as published by Indian regulator IRDAI.

As Steve Jobs says, digital CX helps you ‘get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves’. For us, digital CX spans the entire spectrum.”

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