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Laura Barbaro Intel

Laura Barbaro

VP of Customer Experience


United States of America 

Appointed by Intel in 2020 to fill the new role of VP of customer advocacy marketing, Laura's job description was to deliver a world-class customer-first experience by driving customer segmentation and key initiatives, digital advocacy programs, case studies, reference programs and surveys.

However, it was during the research and consultation process, as Laura began to build out her team, that she realized that the scope of customer advocacy was only one part of the work that needed to be done to and that and recommended that the scope of her role encompass be focused on the CX practice and engage the entire company on the journey.  Her recommendation was approved, the journey has started and now, the important work is ahead.  She and her team are on a mission to educate the key stakeholder that CX is than a 2x a year customer survey event!

An important component of this process has involved building relationships across the organization - sharing CX examples across the company, recommending ways for recognition and rewards and being the shop that drives improvements that drives the results that are reflected in an annual performance bonus goal based on a combination of a CX score (trust, ease, efficiency) and NPS.   Her drove a  ground breaking first official CX Day at Intel on October 5, 2021.

Relationships have also been fostered with human resources, teaming with HR to ensure all company leaders had the right resources to address CX and creating a CX briefcase full of resources to ensure the conversations were being held by senior leaders across the company with their leaders and managers.  She also has funded a CX learning and development leader who is  chartered to create a CX Learning academy to with CX training and key development resources. 

Other achievements during the last year include the creation of a customer insight office. This has led to a single sales and marketing customer survey being expanded to include cross-company collaborations for all survey work, along with championing the introduction of a new strategic integrated data platform so that the company has access to all customer feedback and insights 365 days a year. The recruitment of data scientists to help build best-in-class data sets will bring the data to life and lead to meaningful business outcomes. Meanwhile, internal leaders have been assigned to every customer who are part of the global survey panel to work directly with the account managers to ensure there is a closed loop of feedback collected, a CX champion council has been established to communicate and evangelize insights and drive accountability.

This year has been one of milestone-making! As a leader, building not only the team but building a CX culture is one that I am very honored to be tasked to own. Intel is moving from being customer aware to customer-led. 

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