Mark Billingham, The Very Group

Mark Billingham

Mark Billingham

Head of CX

The Very Group

United Kingdom

The Very Group has carved out a reputation for award-winning customer service in recent years, and Mark has been a crucial component to this success. Recruited to create industry-leading customer outcomes, improve brand and customer perception, and make the Group a truly customer-centric organisation, Mark has comprehensively delivered on all three goals. 

CX is now embedded as a core part of every individual's bonus, with every member of staff encouraged through the organisation's performance management system to capture how they have improved CX.

A core target for 2021 has been to improve customer understanding, and to achieve this The Very Group set up a cross-functional NPS data-science team, which looks in granular detail at each of the 20 core KPIs that drive NPS within the business. 

Elsewhere, the last year has also seen the company develop the ability to monetise NPS improvement which is monitored closely, establishing that each promoter is on average 4x more profitable than a detractor. This has been vital in establishing and moving forward key business cases for CX improvement, with the whole business involved in fixing these customer pain points through the CX programme AIM (All Ideas Matter) .

CX and journey improvement sessions are now conducted across the organisation, encouraging people to call, listen, and test online journeys with controlled and actionable feedback tools online. As a result of this, so far in 2021 over 2,000 fixes have been implemented, improving NPS by 4 points, and saving 250,000 unnecessary actions from customers

And during a difficult period for many retailers, The Very Group's commercial performance has never been better - with much of this associated to Very customers shopping more regularly and citing CX. Furthermore, CX and customer care has also saved the business significantly during 2021 through removing contacts - including a highly successful chatbot channel - and stopping attempted fraud, so it is unsurprising that CX is now regularly mentioned in Very's company results.

We now for the first time truly understand what drives our customers' key elements of satisfaction, and have cross-functional programme managers working on each element.

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