Olajumoke Odunlami, AXA Mansard

Olajumoke Odunlami

Olajumoke Odunlami

Chief Customer & Marketing Officer

AXA Mansard


As the Nigerian subsidiary of a renowned and vast multinational insurance firm, AXA Mansard’s customer experience mission is to always “put the customer first”.

For Olajumoke Odunlami, as the chief customer and marketing officer at AXA Mansard, this objective is translated into a number of measurable sourced via customer surveys and feedback at every customer touchpoint in the customer’s journey, with each of its products.

These metrics are measured on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and shared with stakeholders across the business.

Alongside consistent and regular review of these success measures, Olajumoke has introduced a rigorous and ongoing process to journey map and plot the customer's moments of truth with each of AXA Mansard’s insurance products. The Voice of the Customer from every customer touch point is continually being analysed for points of improvement and customer focus group sessions are held on a quarterly basis, bringing customers together to discuss continual CX improvement. Staff rewards and recognition are tied to CX scores, across the board.

The key word is ‘iterate’ – Olajumoke and her AXA Mansard colleagues continue to iterate to improve the customer experience, identifying gaps through their regular analysis and feedback gathering and coming up with CX training programs across the board to ensure staff can be part of the process of CX improvement.

In order to ensure everyone in the business and its wider organisations  (AXA Mansard Health, Insurance and investment) is “along for the ride”, Olajumoke hosts all the conglomerate leaders at policy formulating sessions, and also holds regular roadshows on how CX is profitable to the organisation.

So far the commitment appears to be paying off, with recent significant increases in the group’s NPS scores and a 10% increase in customer retention. Currently, AXA’s health business is #1 in Nigeria primarily as a result of using customer experience to “drive performance and perception”.

In communicating our work and success to the wider industry, internally, we have shared best practise with other AXA entities in 57 countries! Externally, I have spoken at a handful of leadership events and shared best practise on how we have constantly influenced customer satisfaction using CX methodologies.”

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