Omnia Ahmed, CEMEX

Omnia Ahmed

Omnia Ahmed

Head of Customer Experience UAE


United Arab Emirates

The cement and concrete industry might not be the first to spring to mind for its association with customer experience. Yet Omnia Ahmed has been on a crusade to challenge this assessment through her 20 year tenure at CEMEX, and as the company’s Head of Customer Experience for the United Arab Emirates branch since 2017.   

As with many other likeminded multinational organisations, CEMEX had identified the need to be a more customer-centric organisation several years ago, but under Omnia’s stewardship, has been able to carve out a strategy for realising this goal within its UAE branch.

Charged with leading cultural transformation, Omnia has overseen a process that includes capitalising more effectively on customer insights, initiating a continuous improvement program for customer service and reengineering what the customer journey typically looks like with CEMEX UAE.

A critical part of Omnia’s role has been communicating and raising awareness of the importance of CX among CEMEX employees, and establishing how all individuals in the company can have an effect on the customer experience.

Omnia has led teams in the launch of communication strategies that share core CX topics to a larger audience across the organisation, including best practices, CX quotes, sharing recent studies with the latest CX trends and how CEMEX can benefit from them.

And while articulating the importance of customer experience to the wider organisation is a crucial component of Omnia’s role, ensuring this filters through into customer interactions has meant establishing a set of customer-related KPIs that are clear and accountable, to be measured at both a local and global level. Omnia has also led teams in the development of protocols and scripts that standardise communication with customers, delivering a series of playbooks to guide employees on “when, what and how to proceed in each moment of truth”.

Digital engagement has become increasingly important to CEMEX customers and Omnia has helped oversee upgrades to CEMEX’s contact center channels in the United Arab Emirates to enhance its digital value proposition and support up to 80% of its customers' interactions to be switched via the digital channels put in place.

In our industry of building material and construction, being on time for our customers and delivering our products to them in a punctual way is a main key differentiator. We have worked hard to better meet these requirements and this has reflected directly on better relationship with our customers, longer lifetime and continuous business as their preferred partner.

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