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Philippe Mesritz Khoros

Philippe Mesritz

VP, Customer Experience & Operations


United States of America

Prior to his role as VP of customer experience & operations, Philippe had spent time at Khoros leading several technical support organisations, but always with a strong focus on customer experience. And it was this passion that he brought to play when he envisioned, created and led Khoros' first customer experience & operations team.  

At the beginning of 2020, Philippe laid the groundwork for the company’s first 'Customers for Life' (customer experience) team by working across the executive leadership team to provide a roadmap for delivering process improvements that would extend far beyond his own teams. In August 2020, Customers for Life was born with an explicit mandate to improve how users interacted with the company.

Since then, his responsibilities have grown further to include customer success, data, and retention operations. This team’s influence spans operational improvements across the entire business, understanding the customer journey and Voice of the Customer, the digital transformation of Khoros’ customer engagement platforms, and internal customer success operations. Their primary responsibility is to work with Khoros’ customers to identify gaps in a 5-star experience and deliver internal and external-facing platforms to provide high-end interaction.

Understanding the customer’s actual experience has allowed the company to survey thousands of decision-makers and a multitude of influencers, admins, and users while also doing in-depth research through interviews, hitting approximately 50% of the Khoros account base through this combined methodology in the first half of 2021 alone.

Since the beginning of 2020, these discussions and inputs have led to over two dozen significant projects across customer experience, research & development, professional services, customer success, technical support, and other departments. The projects and their impact are communicated through blogs to the entire customer base, while individual responses are sent back to the customers in question. 

Overall, the customer experience team has driven a 21% YoY improvement in customer effort, 28% improvement YoY in customer satisfaction, and a 43% increase in community engagement while simultaneously driving home process improvements and cross-functional deliverables for two of the company's primary business lines and platform solutions.

We focused on providing a world-class digital customer experience for our customers and how our customers could be a part of that journey.

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