Sri Safitri, Telkom Indonesia

Sri Safitri CX Leader of the Year Winner 2021

Sri Safitri

Deputy Executive VP of Customer Experience and Digitisation

Telkom Indonesia


Sri has been voted the 2021 CX Leader of the Year!

Assigned with the task of driving customer experience transformation in 2016, Sri has dedicated herself to meeting Telkom's vision of becoming one of the most customer-centric companies in the world. 

In the intervening years she defined a clear CX mission for the organisation, which was built on foundations of rigorous research - PESTEL analysis, Voice of the Customer research, bottom up and transactional NPS analysis and operational performance analysis - and established dedicated units that are accountable to drive CX transformation. 

All of this has enabled Sri to launch a series of actions across two tiers - fixing the basics (identifying ‘hygiene factors’ and eliminate defects), and creating WOW moments for customers through differentiated experiences. 

Core to the transformation taking place at Telkom is the drive to foster a CX culture and mindset, improving communication and collaboration and positively influencing employee behaviour. Initiatives to drive engagement and understanding and transform culture include: in-class and elearning operationalisation training for approximately 8,000 frontline staff; CX Talks sharing sessions for frontline and middle managers to discuss best practices and ways to assist frontliners; and CX Forum sharing sessions for senior leaders to discuss ideas and conduct design thinking workshops to evaluate and improve service operations.

Furthermore, the collaboration and communication has extended outside of the organisation, with the launch of a CX website to encourage interaction between CX experts and enthusiasts across industries and organisations, and an annual CX Summit event that invites up to 5,000 employees and customers to share insights. 

Safitri and her team have also developed a dashboard that integrates the results of all customer surveys from across the organisation and its 40+ subsidiaries - something that not only represents a huge improvement in alignment and collaboration to improve the customer experience, but has also led to substantial cost savings in research costs as the organisation looks to raise its NPS.

All of this activity has put Telkom Indonesia in good stead during the turbulence of the past two years, with the organisation believing that the CX initiatives have had a clear positive impact on sales and customer churn, while driving up NPS. 

The effects of the pandemic have been devastating for thousands of companies across the country, especially with their financial outcomes as myriad of businesses happened to forced close. However, Telkom has gratefully sustained the business, even the financial outcomes turn out to be positive increased. The main drivers of the CX transformation program were increased gross sales, while reducing churn & operational costs.

As 2021’s CX Leader of the Year winner, Sri's entry stood out among our judging panel for numerous reasons:

“Sri has demonstrated a strong ability for having a ‘peripheral vision’ towards developing her organisation’s CX strategy. Her efforts in aligning to Telkom Indonesia’s key CX competencies have been outstanding and she is an extremely worthy winner of the 2021 CX Leader of the Year award.”
- Anita Siassios, CX Leader of the Year judge

“Over her tenure at Telkom Group, Sri appears to have done a fantastic job radically elevating the profile of customer experience and measuring the results of her and her teams’ efforts with a sophisticated measurement and metrics system, and the technologies to support it. 

“The degree to which she drove organisational structure, operations, people roles and accountabilities, and business process and digital/technology improvements shows that she deeply understands the interlinkages, dependencies and connectivity between true customer centricity and virtually every part of the organisation.”
- Michael Hinshaw, CX Leader of the Year judge  

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