Susanna Baqué, SCIEX

Susanna Baque

Susanna Baqué

Senior Director Global Customer Experience



Initially hired to support and improve the CX department of scientific equipment supplier SCIEX, Susanna Baqué has also managed to implement specific CX strategies across the entire parent company Danaher Corporation, which has created a cross-company environment of sustainment and continuous improvement. 

When she began her role in 2014, Susanna had a clear goal of creating a far more fluid and reciprocal relationship between the customers and the organisation, in order to make it easier to help achieve the customers’ objectives. 

A key aspect in bringing about the strategy that would enable this customer-centric relationship, was a thorough research process. Her team analysed customer experience strategies across industries, as well as conducting surveys and in-depth interviews with both existing and potential customers, enabling them to evaluate the impact of CX in business growth.

On conducting the research, it became clear that a major facet of Susanna’s CX strategy would need to be the introduction of more sophisticated digital service systems. She established global customer experience centres with dedicated remote technical support, a digital ecosystem for customers to manage their labs and relationships with SCIEX, and launched a customer onboarding program that enabled customers to experience the best support from the start of their journey.

To ensure that these systems remain up-to-date, Susanna also launched a voice of customer programme to gather insights and feedback from customers along the entirety of their journey. She used this feedback to revamp and improve all three of the above systems this year. 

Moreover, Susanna’s work has helped imbue CX as part of the culture of SCIEX - something which is now taking root throughout Danaher. Using her work at SCIEX as the role model, she has collaborated with danaher corporate to introduce a DBS (Danaher Business System) tool set, to be able to spread standard processes in implementing CX across companies, and support CX strategy-building and execution. 

The CX improvements that Susanna has brought about have been recognised across multiple KPIs - with notable improvements in NPS, net easy score, response time within SLA, and customer portal engagement score.

Our mature CX processes and systems, including our Omnichannel implementation and our digital ecosystem centered around SCIEX Customer Portal, has helped to continue providing great support and customer experience during the COVID 19 pandemic globally, as well as enabling internal teams to be more efficient and empowered to better serve our customers.

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