Zatina Zakaria, Etiqa Insurance

Zatina Zakaria

Zatina Zakaria

VP & Head of Customer Experience

Etiqa Insurance


Zatina is the recipient of the judges' select Employee Engagement Award.

Confronted by the challenges of COVID-19, Zatina and her team responded rapidly by creating and launching a programme called "Embracing the Culture by Acing the New Norm", designed to ensure the company could continue to deliver service to its customers despite movement control orders in Malaysia.

New initiatives included in this programme included new queuing systems to still enable walk-in appointments at 29 Etiqa branches, self-serve kiosks, virtual assistance from HQ for branches that are short-staffed to ensure service continuity and virtual customer service over Zoom.

In light of its vigorous campaign to encourage customers to use its digital channels, Etiqa has experienced a 22% reduction in the number of walk-in customers, while service time has been reduced by 97%. This in turn has translated into improvements in CSAT, NPS and Customer Effort Score. 

The programme has also delivered a raft of initiatives to maintain employee engagement during the disruption. These include creating a CX Virtual Library to make knowledge of the high number of Etiqa products more accessible for its staff worldwide; virtual chill sessions among staff via Zoom involving games and karaoke sessions; CX engagement sessions with the senior management committee via zoom; and a CX Mini Virtual Run – a virtual fitness programme to encourage staff to stay fit and healthy.

Corporate social responsibility initiatives have also been front and centre for Etiqa, ensuring the distribution of basic necessities to those affected by the pandemic over the past 18 months, while work has also focused on ensuring eco-sustainability (the creation of a Green Warrior team to explore how the company can be more environmentally friendly), economic sustainability (investing profit back into the company to secure its growth) and social sustainability (frequent engagement with staff to ensure excellent working conditions) to make sure that their supply chains and products are responsible and sustainable.

The sterling work of Zatina and her team is reflected in improvements in customer satisfaction score, Net Promoter score and Customer Effort Score - a remarkable achievement given the challenges. 

The effort of my team has delivered exceptional results for the company even during the pandemic. Our work on improving customer experience has elevated the image of our company in the industry and beyond.

Zatina was also the 2021 recipient of the Employee Engagement award by the judging panel:

“Etiqa’s focus has admirably honed in on employee engagement during the disruption, to the ultimate benefit of the customer. Initiatives such as the CX Virtual Library, virtual chill sessions among staff via Zoom and CX engagement sessions with the senior management committee were just a few led by Zatina and her team and which contributed to employees staying motivated and customer-led during an incredibly difficult period."

- CX Leader of the Year judges

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CX Leader of the Year Employee Engagement award