David Tanjib Chowdhury, Robi Axiata Limited


David Tanjib Chowdhury

General Manager of Experience Innovation

Robi Axiata Limited


Appointed general manager of experience innovation at Robi Axiata in 2018, David's vision was to reshape the organisation's customer experience through digital transformation. Crucially, the aim has been to ensure that a seamless omnichannel experience is created across digital and non-digital touchpoints, rather than just bolting on new technology. 

There have subsequently been many ambitious projects to improve CX. These have included the launch of a new self-service app, based on substantial customer research and gap analysis. Ongoing post-launch consumer usability testing was also used to refine the platform based on feedback - leading to a huge increase in usage and a 30+% increase in app rating. 

The organisation's contact centre has been upgraded to include the likes of virtual assistance via co-browsing, customer sentiment analysis support for agents, integrated CRM, speech recognition and visual IVR. A new AI-powered chatbot has been released, capable of understanding, validating and solving customer problems - internally checking customers' network experiences, usage, devices, SIM status etc in real-time, and offering intelligent solutions, while also logging the complaint automatically in CRM if it is an issue that cannot be addressed there and then. 3,000 service requests a month are now being resolved by this innovation, resulting in a 25% reduction in specific complaint SLAs. 

Extensive work has taken place on identifying the most common customer service requests that could be automated to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction, with a detailed study surfacing 20 high-impact areas that were ripe for robotic process automation. With 81% of customer experience resource hours identified as being used for repetitive works, appropriate use case automation has enabled a 97% reduction (226k hours) for customer service. 

Elsewhere, development on a centralised integrated customer feedback management solution is also entering its second phase, which will provide the organisation with better real-time insights to improve the products and services based on continuous feedback.

The impact on key service metrics has been impressive and Robi has now been holding the number one position in its sector for CSE NPS for the last eight consecutive quarters - and impressively it has done this whilst simultaneously reducing its customer experience operating cost by 50% in 2022 compared to 2019. 

I have had experience of working with every area of the customer experience function. The journey has been written through hard work, persistence and passion, from being a customer service representative up to the head of experience innovation.

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