Debi Potgieter, Nedbank


Debi Potgieter

Executive for CX Measurement and Management


South Africa

As the Executive for Customer Experience Measurement and Management at Nedbank, Debi's main focus is on two areas: measurement, metrics, insights and reporting, and centralised complaints handling. Upon taking the role she was faced with a number of areas needing improvement.

These included sporadic and inconsistent NPS measures across a handful of touchpoints and customer journeys with monthly reporting, covering at best 20% of the customer base. In addition, biased sampling on positive customer flows was evident in some of the data, while there was no clear and / or accurate view of a customer performance / satisfaction indicator other than the sentiment score.

The objective therefore was to measure prioritised customer journeys using three voices (customer, process & employee) to determine the performance standards and identify opportunities to improve by turning insights into action, across individuals and teams. With data-led insights shaping CX improvements, the anticipation was that this could drive other benefits including lower cost to serve, lower drop offs, higher adoption rates, increased revenue, increased market share and increased customer loyalty. 

Initiatives that Debi identified as fundamental to her new CX strategy included implementing a new set of measures for CSAT, CES, GAS and quarterly NPS; fostering Voice of the Employee by creating listening posts across the organisation for frontline staff and back-office teams through surveys, focus groups and one-on-one discussions; ensuring that insights would be translated into action by creating reporting mechanisms and feedback or workshops with the relevant stakeholders; launching new tools including Qualtrics for Voice of the Customer and Cemantica for customer journey mapping, with the two tools integrating; external benchmarking; creating dashboards and reporting to encourage engagement across the organisation; and creating a customer feedback loop to ensure that all customers and staff are thanked for their participation and informed how feedback has been used. 

Debi has also worked to educate the CX team and staff across the business in concepts such as client journeys, moments of truth and so on, with masterclass sessions on CX and measurement, as well as curating custom content used internally in Nedbank's learning and development portal. 

A year into the project and the vast majority of the key initiatives are already complete, with the remainder nearing completion - a hugely impressive achievement. And efforts to drive insights into action are already bearing fruit with over 150 fixes identified, with half of these deployed already. All of which is seeing the dial change on metrics where the improvements have been made, while there is a comprehensive lift on overall customer metrics. 

Our / my efforts to date, equate to building for the future and maintaining strong NPS scores in an industry where all of our competitors are driving CX, as it is central to their strategies too.

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