Dr. Rashid Alleem, SEWA

Rashid Alleem

Dr. Rashid Alleem

Chairman, CX Unit
Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA)


Based in the UAE, Dr. Rashid Alleem’s mandate at Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA) has been to build an entire CX division for the utility company from the ground-up, adhering to processes of a strategic customer-centricity model.  

The model was the place where creativity met innovation and technology, developed after conducting intensive research through a customer satisfaction survey, focus groups and sifting through white papers, case studies, global best practices and lessons learned from mega-corporations worldwide.

Dr. Alleem’s team introduced a Customer Happiness Index, which includes three core metrics that gauge overall happiness levels – satisfaction, loyalty and propensity to recommend – which has helped to provide guidance on how to improve overall happiness by identifying specific behaviours that have the greatest impact and measuring performance against these.

A number of new hires have aided the shift in culture towards CX at SEWA, no less a chief listening officer, who in collaboration with Dr. Alleem has helped streamline the company’s approach to complaints, resolving customer pain points, and communicated with the SEWA chairman about serving digital customers more effectively.

The upshot of the CX unit’s work has been a new and improved work culture that puts the customer at the centre and aligns the objectives, targets, rewards and recognition of customer needs, wants and expectations.

As well as improvements in customer satisfaction, SEWA’s reputation as a brand has increased markedly, with an increase in blue-ribbon, global organisations pursuing partnerships.

“Everything SEWA does need to make sense of how to retain customers by meeting their needs, so we put customer as a fundamental element of our mission and ensured that all our activities and resources are synchronized and integrated around our customer’s current and future needs, wants and expectations.”

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