Esther Dokuwaa Ofosuhene, GHL Bank

Esther Ofosuhene

Esther Dokuwaa Ofosuhene

Head, Client Experience

GHL Bank


As one of the nation’s leading customer experience pioneers, Esther has obtained the moniker of “Ghana’s Queen of CX” among her peers.

Head of Client Experience for GHL Bank, Esther was hired to bridge a gap in service delivery at the organisation as a result of its recent transformation from mortgage financing institute to being a universal bank. Yet her role encompasses so much more. From helping to shape a renewed company culture to devising journey maps to understand the expanded multitude of customers now under their stewardship, Esther has tackled numerous strategic CX initiatives at GHL.

One of Esther’s first tasks as GHL’s CX Leader was to action the Voice of the Customer programme, which she began with the unique method of hosting a ‘customer engagement cocktail session’ for all customer segments.

What followed were initiatives such as a mystery shopping exercise, conducted to get a view of the bank's CX maturity level; new CSAT and NPS surveys to know how customers viewed the bank; and the launch of the bank’s service charter - ‘Service with a SMILE’.

Several employee experience strategies were also designed, including ‘The Extra Mile Promo’ where employees nominated staff who had gone the extra mile to serve the customer, and a customer service celebration festival, created with activities designed to engage employees.

In one year of joining the bank, with consistent monitoring and team support, Esther has been able to achieve mystery shopping Rating increases from 59% to 70%, CSAT improvements from 65% to 80% and NPS increases from 49% to 85%.

Within GHL, I have successfully achieved my goal of bridging the gap between the old and new employees and have driven CX across the total business. The initial employee gap is largely non-existent currently; and the VoC speaks to how much CX has improved in the organisation.

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