Gokhan Kara, Enerjisa

Gokhan Kara

Gökhan Kara

Customer Experience Manager


Recruited by Turkish utility firm Enerjisa in 2018 to lead a team of three as CX manager, Gökhan was tasked with two main goals – improving the experience journeys around meter reading, billing and payment; and fostering greater customer-centricity within the organisation as a whole.

Initial work on improving the ‘meter to cash’ journey focused on customer research, setting up focus groups and satisfaction surveys to collect the Voice of the Customer, and benchmark CSAT scores. KPIs were also established in terms of operational performance that would influence customer experiences, such as the meter reading period.

Gökhan has established monthly CX governance meetings with senior company stakeholders to review KPIs, performance and define what next steps should be taken. These are attended by around 30 people from 15 different departments across the business, including marcomms, billing operations, business operations and human resources. Elsewhere, monthly customer experience committee meetings have also been set up, managed by the CEO, during with metrics are tracked and guidance is sought.

To foster customer-centricity within Enerjisa, Gökhan established a CX-Centricity programme, a triple-pronged initiative that focuses on customised customer experience training for both senior and frontline staff; the creation of customer experience ambassadors to champion CX within the business (of which there are now 51 throughout Enerjisa call centres and shops); and the communication of customer successes through a customer heroes project that shares results with the company via newsletters, email announcements and social media posts.

Since 2018, CSAT scores have risen strongly, while NPS has also improved dramatically. And since the inception of the CX-Centricity plan, over 200 staff members have received CX training.

“Through our culture activities, employees have started to think about CX in everything they do. We define the seeds and give water through our action, then the tree grows itself.”

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