Joe Madigan, Bank of Ireland


Joe Madigan

Director, Customer Analytics & Transformation

Bank of Ireland


With the Bank of Ireland in the midst of a digital transformation, the financial organisation is seeking to transform the vast amount of data it has into meaningful insights to drive tangible actions and outcomes for both customers and the business.

Joe Madigan's role sits at the epicentre of this, covering customer analytics, marketing transformation and operations and collaborating with teams including Voice of the Customer research and planning, customer strategy and segments, customer delivery and proposition and innovation. 

Central to Joe's plan has been the implementation of a customer engagement engine, a platform that turns vast volumes of customer knowledge and experience into next best actions in the right content and on the right channel. At the core of this is combining the power of the bank's employees with technology and using data efficiently and effectively to serve existing and prospective customers better. Key to the bank's omnichannel ambitions, the platform enables all channels from brand and contact centre to phone and internet to talk to each other.

While Joe's team is the driving force of the platform, they are also working to ensure the rest of the business can also benefit, and to this end a customer analytics function has been set up in a variety of other teams within the business. 

This project has led to business improvements such as being able to better understand their business and customer objectives, being able to better determine customer preferences and create propositions entirely suited to their tastes, and also being able to more accurately measure ROI and delivery against goals. 

The programme has subsequently delivered improvements in a number of growth and service metrics, with many key metrics rising 20-50% since the launch of the new platform. 

Successful engagement is about making the best use of customers’ time while ensuring the best outcomes. 

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