Kev Willers, CoreHR

Kev Willers

Kev Willers
Chief Customer Officer


Appointed as chief customer officer at CoreHR in late 2017, Kev is midway through a five-year plan he has developed to overhaul the company’s customer experience.

Having created a CX function for the company from scratch, he initially worked to build a baseline of customer sentiment, launching a Voice of the Customer programme. As part of this work, there has been a focus on measuring CSAT and NPS, while customer advisory boards have also been launched to enable the organisation to engage with key customers to share feedback and seek guidance.

To ensure that the customer feedback loop is closed, Kev has implemented quarterly webinars which both share an overview of the feedback received and what actions have been taken as a result.

Now into year three of the five-year plan, there is a renewed focus on adoption of the customer strategy, and a cross-department team - "NPS Champions" – has been set up to identify and unlock blockers to its adoption.

To further align the company to the programme, NPS scores are factored into an element of the company’s bonus scheme, while an Escalation Review Board has been implemented, which Kev chairs on a weekly basis, enabling staff to bring to the attention of the NPS champions any area of the business or customer interaction they feel could affect customer sentiment.

While only midway through the plan, Kev’s work has already seen CoreHR improve its NPS and CSAT scores, as well as drive up customer retention.

“Our company culture has changed from a do anything to win the deal, to win with retention of the customer in a way that makes sense for both our company growth and profitability and customer satisfaction."

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