KV Dipu, Bajaj Allianz

KV Dipu

Mr. K V Dipu

President & Head of Operations, Communities & Customer Experience

Bajaj Allianz


Insurance firm Bajaj Allianz is an industry leader, ranked #8 in the global top 100 digital insurers, but with a growing customer base it became clear it needed to overhaul its digital CX to meet - and exceed - rising customer expectations.

Spearheading this digital CX transformation drive is K V Dipu, and under his leadership Bajaj Allianz has undertaken a series of initiatives that are driving improvements. Examining the customer journey to pinpoint pain points and identifying where digitisataion can improve service, the organisation has subsequently delivered award-winning experiences. 

Bajaj Allianz has launched and scaled up its digital policy issuance and servicing through RPA and now has the highest number of partner integrations through API’s with banks, OEM’s, brokers, ecommerce partners in the Indian insurance industry. It has dramatically increased its digital accessibility through the introduction of initiatives such as apps designed for specific customer groups including retailers and famers, the integration of its chatbot with Whatsapp, and the creation of a touchless UI through integration with Alexa and Google Assistant.

It has put customer wellness and health front and centre with the introduction of an electronic medical records app, Pro-Fit, that focuses on customers’ health, which helps them maintain records of medical history, connect with wearable’s and smart devices and track medical progress. In a more recent example of how it makes customer care a priority, it launched a COVID–19 self-assessment – an AI-enabled bot to help customers evaluate their risk level of exposure to COVID-19, that identifys risk based on inputs and suggests precautionary measures.

Elsewhere, having identified the premedical check-up process as a pain area for its customers, it created an industry-first 100% mobile-based, digital and integrated AI & IoT-driven pre-insurance medical check-up process to give customers a seamless, paperless and digitised on-boarding experience with reduced processing time and increased productivity. The initiative, DigiSwasth, has subsequently won no less than four awards, including the global Celent award in April.

Meanwhile, in the motor insurance field, Bajaj Allianz has introduced a Drive Smart App that uses advanced telematics and vehicle tracking technology to provide vehicle diagnostics, on-road assistance and fuel efficiency statistics, sending notifications and alerts to help customers save money on fuel and maintenance by taking a shorter route to work, carpool with neighbors and even teaching kids about the harmful effects of automobile pollution.

This huge drive towards digital support really came into its own during the pandemic.When call centres were shut down, it was able to move them seamlesly to its digital channels. And while the pandemic has seen many organisations struggle to deliver service standards on a par with their usual quality, Bajaj Allianz has performed exceptionally - overall complaints and escalations dropped over 80%. Overall, the firm now boasts the Highest Net Promoter Score in the general insurance industry for its flagship line of business (health & motor), helped in no small part by its huge drive to improve digital journeys and experiences. 

Bajaj Allianz GIC has become the insurer with lowest complaints and highest Net Promoter Score, winning Best Customer Service Provider in General Insurance at the 4th Annual India Insurance Summit 2019.

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