KV Dipu, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance

Dipu winner

KV Dipu

Senior President CX

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co


Dipu is one of four finalists to receive special commendation by our panel, recognising his achievements in the field of CX technology. 

When KV Dipu started at Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, his primary goal as senior president of customer experience was to drag the company’s CX infrastructure into the 21st century. Six years on, through a combination of digital initiatives and tireless hard work, the company now sits as one of the industry standard-bearers for CX.

With the increasing expectation for companies to provide support through digital and mobile-friendly channels, Dipu recognised that his company’s inaction in this area would hamstring them moving forward. He therefore made creating an end-to-end digital journey for customers and setting up an industry-leading digital experience his top priority when he started his CX journey.

After conducting extensive research of over 5,000 companies globally, Dipu introduced a five-step process to help understand customers and their expectations. This process was then conveyed to a 10,000-strong workforce across 140+ locations in India.

Not content with digitising and sophisticating the CX process, Dipu took things a step further by introducing initiatives that “humanise the digital.” These included virtual relationship managers for health insurance customers, so as to provide a more empathetic experience for digital claim processing; as well as the launch of Boing: an AI-driven chatbot which can be integrated with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Ensuring that there was company buy-in for his CX vision was another of Dipu’s priorities. To achieve this, the company-wide tagline, “caringly yours”, was created. The thought behind this was to reinforce the idea that CX  should not just be functional but should also provide a caring, emotional presence. 

The impact of these initiatives has been felt throughout the company culture, with the customers’ needs now at the heart of every discussion – to the extent that without a tangible customer benefit, projects/initiatives are no longer approved. 

Several customer metrics also bear testimony to the changes that Dipu has managed to bring about. Bajaj Allianz is the proud owner of the lowest grievance ratio amongst the large players in the industry, as well as the company’s NPS currently sitting 20% higher than its nearest rival, as the clear industry leader.

We introduced a surfeit of processes and tools to enhance our customer experience. From a process point of view, we did not restrict ourselves to just digitising the physical, but we also stole a march over our peers by humanising the digital.

Judges' praise for Dipu:

"Dipu has been instrumental in driving customer-centric digital transformation at his organisation. There have been a host of digital innovations under his watch, and they have generated measurable returns, whether that be cost-savings, complaint reductions or NPS / satisfaction improvements. Little wonder that the organisation ranks so highly in the global top 100 digital insurers and has twice been named Asian Digital Insurer of the Year recently." - Neil Davey

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