Laura Sinka, BALTA


Laura Sinka

CX Manager

BALTA part of PZU group


The largest insurance company in Latvia, BALTA has over 300,000 customers. To ensure that customers were higher up the company agenda, the organisation created a new position - CX Manager - and handed the reigns over to Laura Sinka. 

To ensure that real changed could be delivered, the starting point was the creation of a strong core team to act as customer advocates throughout the organisation and also collaborate on CX projects. It was also decided to build a cross-functional CX team that represented all departments of the company, with department directors nominating representatives. 

A senior management team customer committee was also established, with its objective of acting as a steering committee that would meet monthly, providing an opportunity for open discussion, to foster buy-in and create alignment on CX across the company.

New communication programmes were implemented about CX initiatives to generate greater awareness. Colleagues are invited to participate in pilot projects and join focus groups, and are informed about the quarterly customer satisfaction results and updates of CX projects. All information is shared on the company intranet to reach the widest possible audience.

Voice of the Customer and other insight programmes have subsequently become an integral part of wider projects beyond the CX team, while customer satisfaction measurements have taken on greater importance alongside other business metrics, and NPS closed loop processes have been established to put greater focus on listening to the Voice of the Customer. 

As a result of these internal developments, the company's NPS score has significantly increased over the past two years in both after-sales surveys and after-claims surveys, while employee engagement surveys have demonstrated the organisational buy-in to CX, with customer focus and employee involvement in CX improvements having demonstrated strong growth. 

Great customer experience usually does not happen by accident; therefore, this strategy of having a mindful approach to the customer was crucial in helping to achieve higher customer satisfaction results, create more sustainable customer experience, reduce churn rate, and increase customer loyalty. Finally, also contributing to increased business results.

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