Laura Tengerdi, Budapest Bank

Laura Tengerdi

Laura Tengerdi

Head of Marketing and Customer Experience

Budapest Bank


Almost five years ago Budapest Bank highlighted customer experience as one of its top focus areas. In line with that renewed focus, building a customer-centric culture became of the utmost importance to reaching its vision – to become the most loved bank in Hungary – and Laura was tasked with carrying that vision forwards.

One of Laura’s first undertakings as Head of Marketing & CX was to dig deeper into understanding what it was key customers wanted from Budapest Bank, and what their expectations were. Laura worked with her leadership team to meet with real customers, organising home visits and focus group discussions in order to start the ball rolling.

Hiring a CX manager to work alongside her, Laura and her team outlined a CX strategy in 2016 that tested numerous things, such as the reaction of customers to Budapest Bank’s branch experience programme.

Laura and her team organised the training of a frontline sales team with the help of a company, called Develor, creating five big training events across Hungary with 150 banking advisors at each event. They talked to them about the importance of CX and also about customer-centric behaviour and things their research had discovered customers wanted most at that time: short waiting times, solve their problems immediately in branches and gifting them for certain milestones with the bank.

This was just the start, however. In 2017 Laura and her team rolled out the branch programme tested in 2016 and developed the bank’s first customer dashboards. In 2018 they launched a CX framework, called the Butterfly model, building on six components: Strategy, Customer Understanding, Measurement, Customer Journey Management, Governance and Culture.

In 2019, the bank put digitalisation at the forefront of its ongoing transformation, mapping customer journeys, improving key product journeys and building the processes behind it. 2020’s focus has been built around customer and employee retention, and rethinking priorities in the wake of COVID-19.

Successes have been notable at Budapest Bank in Laura’s five year tenure, specifically in relation to the organisation’s strategic NPS which has grown year-on-year, and also its eNPS which has also continuously increased.

By preaching about CX an awful lot in all possible forums, year on year, together with my senior CX manager we were able to find followers in this field and it became a privilage to be part of our core team.

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