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Maneesha winner

Maneesha Bhusal

Director, CX




When Maneesha joined JingDong Indonesia (a subsidiary of the largest retailer in China) in 2018, there was no customer experience team in place. So her first task was to conduct an audit into the organisation's CX maturity, performance, CX governance, structure and culture.  

What she discovered was a lack of KPIs and metrics to measure CX at different touchpoints, fragmented information on customers and the customer experience, confused employees and inconsistent customer journey design. Out of this was born a strategic and tactical plan with clear objectives, both in terms of a long-term three-year vision, but also broken down into quarterly objectives. The overarching aims were to build a foundation for operation effectiveness and efficiency, facilitate more meaningful customer interactions through customer journey improvement with actionable analytics that make customers feel listened to and valued, and to move customer service operations from being a cost centre to a profit centre. 

One of the key projects for Maneesha has been to embed a customer-centric mindset and educate the organisation about the importance of CX to customers and the company. CX champions have been recruited in each department, who act as the voice of the customer in decision-making processes. NPS and CSAT have been made KPIs for each department, so there there is accountability and responsibility for improving customer experiences across the business. While at management meetings the CX team present feedback on customer stories and spend 15 minutes discussing solutions and actions for both the long-term and short-term. 

A greater understanding of the customer has been achieved through a number of initiatives. A Voice of the Customer team has been established to consolidate all customer insights into a single dashboard, where insights can be surfaced and actionable recommendations made on a weekly and monthly basis. This also includes an outbound team dedicated to calling customers asking for feedback. Elsewhere, a design lab has been created to collect feedback on UI/UX and to provide a platform for A/B testing. And a mandate for management has been established to ensure that senior leadership listen to agent-customer conversations to help them empathise with customers and the customer experience. 

New technology innovations have also been implemented to assist service teams. These have included creating a single view of the customer across call, chatbot, chat, WhatsApp and email to help agents provide an omnichannel experience; implementing a decision-making tree and quick text for agents, which enables agents to analyse possible actions based on customer input and react accordingly in a guided, quick and structured way; the launch of a new CRM system for case management; and new self-service solutions to allow customers to self-serve at appropriate areas of the customer journey. 

The impact has been dramatic. Since the launch of NPS two-and-a-half years ago, there has been a robust improvement. CSAT has improved 20% while CES has improved 90%. Operational metrics have also shown vast improvements for the likes of first response time, refund SLAs and order cancellations. Furthermore, the service department has now moved from cost centre to profit centre, with the cost of operations dropping by a huge 70%, cost per order dropping by 75% and conversation rate increasing by 3% due to the CX improvements. 

I have not only created a positive impact on customers, the organisation, and people within the organisation, but I see how my CX work has positively impacted the lives of my teams, my peers, my partners, my vendors, and overall community.

As 2022’s CX Leader of the Year winner, Maneesha's entry stood out among our judging panel for numerous reasons:

"Maneesha has helped make JD.ID a truly customer-centric organisation. She’s approached customer experience as if it truly was the heart of the business, using CX as a lens through which to impact virtually every aspect of JD.IDs operating model, ranging from alignment and accountability to roles and responsibilities, executive education, and CX metrics based rewards structures. She appears to have leveraged her background in technology and operations to embed customer experience tools techniques and methodologies as new ways of thinking and working, driving product and services improvement, design and delivery. Also, using CX to drive significant cultural change leveraging design thinking and similar techniques to bring the customer into the center of decision making in a systematic and repeatable way." - Michael Hinshaw, CX Leader of the Year judge. 

“Maneesha has extensive experience working across 39+ countries covering the entire spectrum of customer experience management from strategy to tactical plans. She is a passionate CX advocate who has helped to transform the organisation to adapt a customer-centric service culture, she has set up a culture that is considerate of the wellbeing of employees. And the overall results achievement by way of NPS, CSAT, CES, CPO, FRT and other service-level parameters are extremely impressive, creating the desired impact for the organisation.” - Sandra De Zoysa, CX Leader of the Year judge. 

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