Maya Khalifeh, INDEVCO Group

Maya Khalifeh

Maya Khalifeh

Customer Experience Manager



Overseeing customer experience for a manufacturing group that consists of 61 companies and 10,000+ employees, Maya has been an integral part of INDEVCO’s drive to become a more customer-centric organisation.

Having been with the organisation for 16 years and customer experience since 2015, Maya has been involved in the drive to creating a customer-based mindset across all divisions of INDEVCO, implementing a systematic customer feedback approach via a group-wide Voice of the Customer programme, creating a system of customer data capture that had previously not been prevalent across the entire organisation and setting up a Customer Advisory Board (CAB) for its most strategic customers.

Some of the initiatives Maya has helped introduce at INDEVCO include a change to employee KPIs to ensure they’re linked to customer-focused goals, the introduction of numerous new customer-led measurements ranging from customer win-back ratios to customer emotional curves, and the introduction of a ‘Devoted To Customer Excellence’ employee campaign, which involved interviewing people across the business –from the president to members of the service teams – in order to establish the best ways of improving people, process, systems and tools to become more customer-centric.

INDEVCO has seen all manner of improvements to its customer scores during Maya’s 16 years at the organisation, including CSAT increases and customer win-back enhancements. Maya’s personal achievements include numerous CX awards and in July 2020, the Lebanese Government appointed her as the Citizen Experience Design Strategist, to help coordinate its efforts to transform to becoming E-Gov.

Being a woman in the Middle East presents a great challenge to drive change and exert influence… but I have a passion for CX and desire to teach more about its importance and how it transforms companies, organisations and soon even countries when a professional crafts and implements it properly.

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