Miles Courtney-Thomas, International Baccalaureate

Miles Courtney-Thomas

Miles Courtney-Thomas

Head of Customer Service & Experience 
International Baccalaureate 


As head of customer service & experience at International Baccalaureate (IB), Miles is responsible for the creation and implementation of the organisation’s CX strategy, aiming to revolutionise the way it works and provides experiences to its community of over 5,000 schools in 150 countries in a way that builds trust and advocacy for the IB.

The three pillars of its Miles’ CX strategy are to ensure the IB provides effective services, to reduce effort and to build trust and advocacy. A core part of this strategy is to ensure that the organisation listens, understands and acts to improve, and through its ongoing programme of feedback collection via annual surveys and transactional surveys, it continues to identify specific objectives to focus on.

By combining survey data with other intelligence, the IB is able to drive key improvements. For instance, by pooling survey intelligence with insight from customer service and the customer success managers it has improved key areas of the experience such as the transcripts, customer service, systems and evaluation services.

One major project that Miles has worked on over the last 18 months has been the evolution of the IB’s customer service, from a reactive call centre approach to an ‘engagement service centre’. Identifying the limitations of its previous siloed centre, the IB now has its service team document and track specific trends based on the academic calendar, using data to understand where there is high volume or low value requests to help and where the need for contact could be removed. Miles has implemented activities to help reduce the need for contact through proactive communications and the design of new help materials, such as videos and webinars.

Frontline insights are also shared directly to the c-suite to help identify strategic trends based on feedback, case data and survey responses.

“The IB is on a journey and the importance of both CX and EX is now on the senior leadership agenda.”

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