Moronke Bamgbala, ARM Pensions

Moronke Bamgbala

Moronke Bamgbala

Head of Customer Experience
ARM Pensions


Moronke is one of five finalists to be highly commended by our judging panel.

When Moronke was appointed head of customer experience at ARM Pension Managers in 2015, she was tasked with two main objectives: drive organisational change to address institutional service issues and deliver a competitive advantage through CX, and foster a customer-centric culture.

Initially conducting a customer-centricity maturity assessment of the organisation, Moronke was able to identify the key challenges and obstacles, particularly a lack of empowerment and engagement amongst employees that was harming the customer experience.

A CX strategy was subsequently drafted by Moronke, and approved by the executive management and shared to all staff across the country through a number of physical and digital workshops. These workshops also enabled staff to agree and learn the CX vision and mantra to secure buy-in.

To further embed the CX philosophy, workshops, quizzes and assessments continue to be deployed periodically, while staff are also awarded and recognised for outstanding achievements. Elsewhere, other key components of the strategy that have been delivered include the nomination of CX champions across all business units and investment in training to foster greater employee empowerment and accountability.

Additional programmes that have been delivered in line with the strategy since its approval include customer journey mapping to identify and address pain points, the development of customer feedback mechanisms throughout the customer journey, and the establishment of appropriate metrics to track CX performance.

Culturally, the strategy has been successful at improving employee engagement, empowerment and collaboration. And business performance has benefited dramatically from the programmes that have been implemented – with the journey mapping process leading to the redesign of ARM’s digital platforms, and the implementation of a new self-service functionality that has been strongly adopted by customers, and in turn reducing traffic to the company’s offices and calls to their contact centres, leading to a drop in time to resolution.

CX metrics have also reflected the success of the strategy, registering big improvements in NPS and CSAT.

Colleagues in competition companies always want to discuss CX with me. This evidently means that CX has become a competitive advantage for my organisation!”

Judges’ praise for Moronke’s application:

"An inspiring African story of someone with a calling to make an impact! Moronke’s passion for teaching her craft to others is inspiring. Moronke is celebrating her success as an impact leader but also paying it forward in terms of her academic contribution." – Chantel Botha

"Moronke has built a CX initiative at ARM that follows what we would call industry best practice; creating data from customer insight, deriving insights from such data, as well as initiating the governance across ARM to then initiate actions that build on these insights. As such, Moronke has significantly contributed to turning ARM into a self-improving, customer-centric organisation." – Stefan Osthaus

"In Moronke’s application she stated ‘In my view, the success of CX is measured by its impact’. I totally agree. Moronke has significantly improved CX measures through changes in the company culture, employee engagement and bringing CX to life for all employees." – Colin Shaw

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