Musa Hanhan, Genesys

Musa Hanhan

Musa Hanhan

Senior Director, Global CX Design and NPS


Musa has been at the forefront of CX design at contact centre technology firm Genesys since 2011, helping to embed CX thinking across the organisation.

A big picture objective for Genesys, set back in 2012, was to “save the world from bad customer experience”. The work was then up to Musa and a cross-functional task force to turn all the marketing jargon on CX into a reality and measure the progress. 

As a B2B company, customer loyalty and advocacy is Genesys’s lifeline, so Musa committed six months to the planning process, pulling together key team members from across the organisation who could commit 15-20% of their time to focus on CX-related activities.

Musa and the cross-functional team subsequently solidified a strategy and development of the operations, structures and metrics required to better meet their customers’ needs, developing a vision, roadmap and a series of milestones, and creating customer journeys to visualise their customers’ painpoints and moments of truth, along with lists of actions.

Net Promoter System and the Net Promoter Score was chosen and adopted as the corporate metric. The team developed the core foundation of what is now a mature CX Design and Voice of the Customer (VoC) practice at Genesys. A closed-loop feedback process now provides an opportunity for frontline employees to be empowered to not only listen to the customer but be able to take immediate action to address the customer issues. The development of the practice has also been instrumental in the realisation of shared responsibility among the different departments, which in turn has led to a less siloed experience for the customer, with more efficient internal processes focused on customer outcomes rather than internal biases.

Musa has enabled the creation of 300+ internal projects to improve customer satisfaction since the inception of CX-thinking at Genesys. His work has been key to increasing Genesys Customer Care NPS, and has directly led to multiple product and service improvements and enhancements. 

“My job becomes essentially non-existent when everyone is acting, thinking, and embedding CX within their work. My vision and north star are to aim for every employee to intuitively know what to do to deliver the right experience for our customer. And at the end of the day, having a successful CX practice comes down to the people.”

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