Nancy Porte, Verint

Nancy Porte

Nancy Porte

VP, Global Customer Experience


In 2014, the executive team at contact centre solutions provider, Verint made a commitment to improve CX for the good of the company. As VP of customer experience since 2011, Nancy was the obvious person to head up the initiative.   

The process started with internal research - interviewing the global senior executive team and other executives with key customer-facing and customer-impacting roles—approximately 25 people in all—to set a baseline on how Verint were doing as a company, when it came to customer experience.

The research in turn helped pinpoint measurable KPIs that laid the groundwork for a CX improvement strategy; building a dashboard that keeps real-time track of progress in 10 key areas that “move the needle”—such as implementation time and issue resolution time— sharing the scores company-wide.

Nancy and her team launched a “Developing Customers 4Life” programme with a vision to build customer champions through a three-pronged approach: Understanding customer business needs, proactively communicating with customers, and making it easy to do business with Verint throughout the customer journey.

As part of this aspect of the initiative, a director of customer engagement was hired to work alongside Nancy, and whose chief goal is to add “surprise and delight” moments to the customer journey.

Another interesting innovation saw Nancy’s team zero in on a point of customer friction during contract negotiations due to legal issues. Instead of going along with the widely held stereotype that lawyers are “sales prevention” experts, they engaged with the legal team and worked out CX improvements to reduce customer frustration without compromising Verint’s business interests. This change in process has resulted in a marked improvement in customer satisfaction scores, in recent surveys.

“I am pleased that—across the board—our executive team sees the merit in this new approach. I’ve been lucky that they are onboard with our Customers 4Life programme, but I also know that, when a programme delivers as much value as ours does, supporting it is just good business.”

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