Norhayati Nordin, Bank Simpanan Nasional

Norhayati Nordin

Norhayati Mohamed Nordin

VP, Customer Experience

Bank Simpanan Nasional


As VP of customer experience at Bank Simpanan Nasional, Norhayati’s key priorities have been to circulate the philosophy of customer experience management to all of the bank officials, and embed the idea of putting the customer first in all staff behaviour.

To assist with this, Norhayati was instrumental in the launch and ongoing operation of the bank’s culture transformation programme last year, designed to foster a shared mindset that all staff can contribute positively to the overall reputation and image of the organisation.

This cultural drive is further enshrined in the bank’s 2019-2021 strategy - known as ‘STEP 21’ - a programme that aims to place customer-centricity at the heart of the business by 2021. As part of this, Norhayati is overseeing efforts to design and simplify customer journeys. In order to get an initial grasp on performance, and be able to create a set of baseline metrics, Norhayati has examined the major touchpoints and secured input from customers and employees through Voice of the Customer (VoC) and Voice of the Employee (VoE)  programmes. 

She has also worked in tandem with her department to create a CX framework that highlights the key tenets of customer experience management, plus the measures needed to underpin CX. The framework consists of three main pillars. The first is focused on knowing the customer (through the collection and analysis of VoC and VoE data). The second pillar is design thinking to enable the bank to continuously correct, improve, design, and differentiate CX at all touchpoints. And the final pillar is focused on monitoring the CX journey via CX metrics. 

To deliver this framework, the bank is relying on two enablers: communication and governance (assigning responsibilities, driving change and developing cross-bank accountability at all levels), and embedding and engagement (aligning the bank in every way with customers, and empowering and enabling all employees to deliver superior and consistent customer experiences). 

To assist with this, Norhayati  has worked to provide employees with guidelines for delivering superior CX, leading to the creation of a CX Playbook (containing advice and tips) and a Customer Service Charter (a set of service promises and commitments) to support fellow staff especially frontlines at branches and contact centres. Induction courses have also been set up by the CX team to train new staff on the importance of CX. 

Other measures to promote CX thinking, values and training among staff have included Back-Stage and On-Stage Coaching, which inducts new members via ‘learning through experience’ with an older instructor or staff member as a mentor. Meanwhile, communication sessions and outside campaigns have been altering employees and the general public to the company values of continuous engagement, transparency and dedicated problem-solving through bulletins and videos. 

And to recognise staff that are fulfilling their duties and delivering superior customer experiences, the bank has launched two programmes - Going Extra Mile (G.E.M) and Name Your Hero - to reward achievements. 

Elsewhere, Norhayati has been involved in the implementation of the bank’s complaint management system, collating all inquiries, request and complaints from multiple platforms to create a repository of data that can be analysed to further improve customer experience. The bank has also started to display QR Code at branches to measure Net Promoter Score (NPS) to track performance, and is also conducting mystery shopping exercises.

The bank aims to deliver superior customer experience and enhance value to customers in terms of products, services and channels by strengthening the bank from within. The bank still has many steps to go before it can reach the aims it has set itself. However, it has come quite a way from when it first started, and admirable progress has been made in inculcating customer-centricity across the bank’s structure, staff, and its myriad of touchpoints. The era of customer experience has arrived, and the bank intends to become an industry leader in facilitating excellent customer satisfaction to all.

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