Patricia Sanchez Diaz, British Gas - Centrica

Patricia Sanchez Diaz

Patricia Sanchez Diaz

Customer Experience Transformation Lead

British Gas - Centrica

United Kingdom

A finalist in 2019’s CX Leader of the Year award, Patricia has spent much of 2019/20 playing a pivotal role in Centrica's “Reimagine British Gas” transformation programme, designed to get closer to customers by better organising the business and reducing internal complexities.

The Reimagine programme was born as a result of a global customer-centricity assessment carried out by Centrica-British Gas in 2017/18, in which Patricia was also the CX lead.

The conclusion from the assessment was that in order to deliver consistent and appropriate customer experience, the company needed to fundamentally rethink the way it was structured, as well as its culture, customer journeys and operating model.

Overseeing such a widespread transformation project is no mean feat and so much of Patricia’s recent work has been to action her objectives related to culture and employee experience, governance and metrics, and leading the construct, setup and roll out customer journey teams to manage the numerous end-to-end multichannel customer journeys the company has identified, as part of its customer lifecycle.

A keen advocate of emotion CX, Patricia has been driving a shift in the organisation towards acknowledging that how the business makes customers feel has a strong correlation with business value, churn and retention; whilst also developing the fundamentals for an emotions management framework.

Despite still being in the early stages of its transformational task, Centrica-British Gas has seen a number of improvements as a result of Patricia’s CX work, including the creation of a customer journey architecture, the identification of customer journey pain points, upskilling employees in research and service design and also a rise in the brand’s NPS.

Our aim is clear. No more silo business, no more hierarchical barriers, no more matrix or complex organisation. More collaboration, more cocreation, more best practices, more innovation, more empowerment. More customer and more colleague. 

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