Patricia Sanchez Diaz, Centrica

Patricia Sanchez Diaz

Patricia Sanchez Diaz

Customer Experience Lead, Senior Manager


When energy firm Centrica set up a CX team in 2017, it was tasked with five main objectives: build and evolve team capabilities as CX professionals; create a robust CX strategy and programme to deliver tangible and measurable improvements; communicate CX impact on efficiencies and growth; embed emotions management as an approach to unveil the underlying psychological behaviours that drive churn and customer lifetime value; and demonstrate the ROI of CX.

To help fulfill these objectives, Patricia launched a robust research programme, conducting survey and face-to-face interviews across the business, including contact centres and field operations, as well as examining capabilities gap analysis against CXPA competencies and standards, and studying churn and customer lifetime value.

These insights provided the basis on which to work towards a customer experience strategy. The research also informed the decision to adopt churn and customer lifetime value as the key metrics to measure CX activities, and with this agreed by the business, Patricia subsequently undertook a capabilities assessment research piece to examine emotion’s impact on churn and customer lifetime value. This has led Patricia to develop an innovative emotions framework, with the model enabling the business to isolate moments of truth for the customer and assess the impact on churn and CLTV.

Development of the CX strategy and programme has led to the creation of a CX Strategy Statement Statement (customer & employee promises, CX vision and design principles) and the introduction of customer outcomes and CX metrics (NPS) in each and every project within the business architecture change plan.

As part of an initiative to push the programme across the organisation and drive CX advocacy, Patricia has developed a series of pitch pack to demonstrate the value of CX, and established a CX global forum where different regions meet quarterly to share best practices and align efforts. Elsewhere, a global CX network and Yammer forum has also been created, which features decision-makers from across the business, while quarterly ‘chat & lunch with me’ sessions now take place, covering employee experience, customer-centricity and emotions management.

The programme has subsequently delivered positive outcomes on volume, value and NPS, ESAT and CSAT.

“Innovating by embedding emotions management to unveil the underlying psychological behaviours that drive churn and customer lifetime value is the most ground-breaking achievement for me. It shows that delivering on effort and efficiencies is not enough to differentiate and that emotions drive value.”

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