Philip Joseph, Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison


Philip Joseph

Senior Vice President - Customer Experience & Service Operations

Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison


When first appointed head of CX, Philip understood he needed to tackle a number of legacy challenges that were preventing the organisation from being more customer-centric. These included a product-centric structure and focus, an under-developed customer feedback strategy, and a perception that customer experience was a technology issue. 

Philip's CX vision to create a new holistic customer experience focus for the organisation was split into three phases - an initial focus on addressing the foundational challenges of building a customer-centric organisation; then defining brand principles and reviewing customer journeys; and finally transforming CX delivery to convert users from mere 'subscribers' into fans.

Initial work focused on establishing a governance model involving every department to increase greater inter-departmental collaboration and cooperation. This resulted in the creation of the “Customer Champion 360 Tribe", involving teams including technology network and IT, market research, branding and communications, products & services, customer touchpoint owners, and customer loyalty management teams. This group would help to redefine Indosat's (IM3 Brand) CX approach, discussing the impact in the eyes of the customer. 

The collective results of this extensive range of initiatives have included the simplification of customer journeys across the organisation's top 10 products, redefining customer communications, and a revamp of the way critical information is presented in the mobile telco app through a new visual interface.

Over 200 postpaid billing statement types have been revamped with customer-friendly terminologies for simple and easy understanding, while the postpaid contract renewal process has been digitised via mobile to provide a quicker, simpler alternative to the traditional in-store walk in process.

Self-service has also been ramped up, with a study into the company's chatbot process leading to the introduction of more self-assistance options, integrating chatbots across all social care channels, including a high-powered new chatbot on WhatsApp, all enabling customers to independently manage their queries end-to-end without any live agent intervention.

Philip also oversaw the launch of a campaign - 'Do You Know' - to educate customers and create awareness of top trending service queries on social media, to facilitate better understanding and assist customers with self-help. 

While work on the third phase of the CX vision is yet to be completed, the impact is already being felt in terms of customer trust in the brand, with significant growth in both NPS and CSAT. This in turn is translating into commercial rewards, with Indosat Ooredoo leaping into the top 10 most valuable Indonesian brands thanks to a 30% rise in brand value. 

Witnessing our NPS and CSAT scores continue to improve since the company underwent its CX transformation plan has been one of the most gratifying experiences. This clearly indicated that every single business unit - from marketing, IT, products, brand, digital right up to customer service touchpoints - have realised the importance they play and the need to work collectively as a unit to improve CX, which is seen in the improvement of our industry scores.

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