Philip Joseph, Ooredoo Myanmar

Philip Joseph

Philip Joseph

Chief Customer Experience & Service Operations
Ooredoo Myanmar


As one of South-East Asia’s leading telecoms companies, Ooredoo wanted to drive a pioneering new approach to customer experience in its Myanmar region. As customer experience lead for the region, Philip has helped oversee the change programme, whilst working towards a collective customer-centric mindset within the business.    

The vision was to offer an evolutionary CX journey that had never been implemented in Myanmar, by driving technological changes in Ooredoo to change the way the business connects with its customers. This required moving from a traditional approach (inbound calls with no technological tools) to providing a digital journey and processes in becoming the leading contact centre in Myanmar.

A five-year framework was set-up to drive the evolution of the contact centre, rolling out tools such as IVR, FCR delivery, and multi-channel touchpoints that include e-care, a digital customer service to offer the most integrated CX.

Philip and his time also helped revolutionise the way its customers provided feedback, through emojis (such as wow, love, etc) digitally (as Facebook is the No. 1 social media channel in Myanmar) and replacing its traditional number scoring system.

Internally, the team introduced a high-performance culture to develop the workforce that embodies our brand mantra which is ‘Caring and Connecting’ for customers, with each employee now undertaking a Training Needs Assessment (TNA) process to equip themselves with the required skillsets.

Other initiatives introduced include the "Golden Headset" program to award the best employees, “Digital Superhero” title to recognise the most outstanding performance in social and anonymous Voice of the Employee (VOE) surveys, to improve the work environment and inculcate an engaging experience.

Philip and his team’s programme has won numerous awards for its efforts, including a Bronze Stevie Award for Innovation in Customer Service Management in 2016 and Silver Stevie Award for Customer Service Department of the Year in 2016.

“This role has helped revolutionise the way I approach customer experience, implementing an array of solutions from digital approaches, anonymous surveys, centricity projects, to helping to encapsulate a customer-centric mindset across all relevant stakeholders.”

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