Sales analytics & how to use it

How your sales analytics can keep up with today’s customer

At Searcys at the Gherkin, sales expert Bob Apollo led a candid discussion about the new generation of analytics tools, and how they are helping sales teams respond to today's challenges.

Bob was joined by modern sales leaders, who were facing shorter sales cycles, highly informed buyers, more information on customers, transactions, market opportunities, competitors and sales activity. Their challenge was how to make sense of all the customer data, quickly and effectively, and how to use it to differentiate their sales team.

What we covered

  • What modern sales analytics is and how they can help to engage today's customer.
  • The hurdles that you'll need to overcome to deliver best-in-class sales performance.
  • The information you need to build customer insight and prospect communities.
  • How you can use analytics to help you lead and champion high-performing sales teams.
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Bob Apollo

Founder and CEO, Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners
Bob is an advisor to a new generation of ambitious B2B-focused organisations, helping them to implement value selling principles that are enabling them to outperform their less progressive competitors and win the battle to engage, acquire and retain the most attractive customers.
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