Shaun Myers, Brenntag UK

Shaun Myers

Shaun Myers

Director of Supply Chain & Service
Brenntag UK & Eire


Appointed as director of supply chain & service, Shaun’s first goal was to define service excellence for the EMEA arm of the company.

Work on this led to the establishment of research projects and a Voice of the Customer programme, comprising the implementation of mechanisms such as real-time, event-driven surveys, interviews with service providers, and NPS surveys, the results of which were used to help redefine the organisation’s service KPIs.

Having conducted significant research, including the company’s first customer journey map, Shaun was able to set out a “CX Agenda” which was shared business-wide, and was convincing enough to lead to the establishment of a senior-level steering team to help drive the plan throughout the business, supported by a strategy incorporating key metrics that would enable Brenntag to chart progress.

This has led to the roll-out of a host of CX programmes across the organisation, including monthly customer surveys to monitor and measure service levels against the KPIs; aligning bonuses with CX targets; the development of a Service Excellence Scorecard (incorporating metrics such as ease of doing business, CSAT and churn rates); the communication of progress via posters, newsletters and Ouch/Wow boards; training of staff in conjunction with the Academy of Service Excellence, with nearly a fifth of staff now CX trained; the appointment of two new CX specific roles – group CX manager and CX manager; and a yearly service excellence award.

CX KPIs are up significantly from the original measurement and of target, including a big uplift in NPS and Ease, while the company also posted the lowest customer churn rates ever last year. Furthermore, employee churn has dropped by almost 10%.

“We now have a collective of CX Leaders on a global scale, colleagues who have listened, absorbed and embraced the subject, who are both following a UK lead and developing their own methods which are being shared in an open community spirit.”

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