Stacy Sherman, Schindler Elevator Corporation

Stacy Sherman

Stacy Sherman

Director, Customer Experience & Employee Engagement

Schindler Elevator Corporation

United States of America

Appointed in 2018 as Director of Customer Experience, Stacy was tasked with fostering a customer-centric culture, capturing customer feedback, improving employee engagement and creating a differentiated customer experience.

Therefore, her team's KPIs were a combination of qualitative (i.e. rolling out a new CX programme) and qualitative (i.e. increasing NPS, closing the feedback loop within a set timeframe and reducing detractor scores).

Having conducted a substantial number of customer surveys, Stacy and her team identified that improving communications internally and externally (customer) was crucial to achieving the CX goals. Internal efforts have focused on the establishment of regular meetings with the frontline teams and sales and operations teams, where CX best practices are shared, action plans based on territory metrics are presented, and workshops are held. The team also developed a roadshow deck and deployed ‘CX champions’ to spread the message across the organisation.

Elsewhere, efforts to improve communication with customers has been facilitated by the implementation of a new customer SMS programme that keeps customers informed about the status of their repairs and the whereabouts of their technicians. As part of this programme, an electronic survey platform was also rolled out to gauge customer views on the SMS programme and ensure it is running successfully. The feedback on it so far has been very positive, and sharing the customer survey results with Schindler employees has had a positive impact on the company’s "first reaction" and "closed loop" metrics.

Last year, with increasing employee engagement (especially on the frontline) being a key target, Stacy floated the idea of celebrating CX Day at Schindler.The case was presented at executive level, including costs and benefits, and following approval the planning began, starting with the CX team and then expanding into partnerships with marketing, HR and communications, local sales branches and global partners. In preparation of the presentation of the first Schindler global CX Day, she created a virtual team that met several times on Skype to engage and motivate people around the world.

Activities occurred at field offices, headquarters locations, call centres, factories and more, including awarding district offices for most improved Net Promoter Scores and lowest detractor scores, sending personalised thank you cards and token gifts to customers, hosting daytime celebrations for employees with speakers, including a message from Schindler’s CEO, and videos of employees across the country talking about how they deliver customer excellence daily and what customer experience means to them, reinforcing every employee owns the customer experience.

Under Stacy’s guidance, the organisation continues to post improved detractor scores and higher NPS, while employee motivation survey results have been spectacular, including references to customer excellence, all of which in turn is contributing to other business KPI milestones.

I'm excited to take all the positives we achieved last year and continue the momentum in 2020. My team and I are planning CX WEEK in October and many more occasions to show appreciation of our employees and customers!

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