Susanna Baqué, SCIEX


Susanna Baqué

Senior Director Global Customer Experience



Having led customer experience at SCIEX since 2014, Susanna has overseen dramatic development at the life sciences tech firm, backed by research, benchmarking, strategic planning and the building of a team of CX ambassadors. But in the past two years she is now also driving CX strategy implementation across all companies in the Danaher Corporation (the parent company of SCIEX).

This has seen her design, deploy and manage major projects including the launch of a customer journey Voice of Customer (VOC) programme to gather insights and feedback. The programme was recently updated with a new framework (the Customer Experience Improvement system) that utilises AI and machine learning to help leaders make decisions and prioritise initiatives relating to customer experience. 

New customer experience centres were established with dedicated remote technical support in all regions globally, with integration work completed this year to further help employees support customers. A customer portal was also created - a digital ecosystem for customers to manage their labs and relationships with SCIEX - featuring a comprehensive learning hub with self-paced technical training content, and an expansive knowledgebase for self-help. This continues to be upgraded according to customer feedback, with self-help tools being one area that is undergoing an overhaul to better assist customers based on their insights. 

Elsewhere, she has developed and launched a customer onboarding program to enable customers to achieve their goals faster and more effectively, whilst experiencing the best support from the start of their journey. And she has also overseen the implementation of new customer-centric KPIs to accompany the traditional NPS and CSAT scores, including the Net Easy Score (for all journey touchpoints, in-person and digital), and a customer portal engagement score.

These considerable undertakings have significantly turned the dial on customer-centric KPIs, with Net Promoter Score, Net Easy Score, response times and customer portal engagement scores all showing robust improvements. But arguably Susanna's most impactful achievement has been the revenue growth and life time value, alongside the CX-centric company culture that she has managed to cultivate.

The most significant overall impact has been a sustained revenue growth and life time value, and the adoption of CX as part of company culture. Our mature CX processes and systems, including our Omnichannel implementation and our digital ecosystem centred around SCIEX Customer Portal, has helped to continue providing great support and customer experience, as well as enabling internal teams to be more efficient and empowered to better serve our customers.

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