Using new tech to improve CX in retail

How to use digital technologies to improve customer experiences in retail

Digital technologies are hugely influential in retail; consumers now naturally turn to their smartphones, tablets and desktop devices to browse and buy products online or through click-and-collect.

Retailers need to develop an agile approach to change and compete effectively through the quality of the online and integrated experiences they create for their customers.

At Sketch, Dave Chaffey, CEO of Smart Insights, replayed research findings and led a lively debate around the specific challenges faced by retailers. 


What we covered

  • Best practices for structuring resources and managing digital experiences
  • Techniques to improve the integration of digital technology across the customer lifecycle
  • How to revise processes and teams to improve their agility
  • Customer-centric techniques to get optimised digital sales
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Event speaker:

Dave Chaffey

CEO at Smart Insights
Dave's passion is sharing and educating on the latest best practices to help businesses compete through digital marketing. He's a specialist in using digital marketing to improve company performance, and has been involved with the fantastic opportunities available for marketing since 1997 as a bestselling author, speaker and commentator.
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