Zora Hoare, eNett International

Zora Hoare

Zora Hoare

Senior Manager - CX & Insights
eNett International


Appointed by B2B payments firm eNett International in 2017 to fill the newly-created role of CX manager, Zora was tasked with defining and implementing a new CX strategy to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Following detailed discussions with a range of internal and external stakeholders, including customers and the senior leadership team, Zora built a detailed CX strategy, which proposed a purpose definition and a target state, identified key ‘hallmark’ moments in the customer journey, and established four workstreams (product/service innovation, insights & CX measurement, branding & communications, and employee experience) to implement and measure key CX initiatives.

With Zora identifying employee experience as a particular priority, the strategy was subsequently communicated to all employees in an off-site all-day meeting, sharing the overarching goal of embedding CX into the company’s DNA, and also initiating CX training sessions.

To support awareness and visibility of the businesses’ CX progress, Zora rolled out a CX scorecard with shared cross-functional KPIs including financial, operational, customer and employee metrics, which is updated 'live' and shared with all employees. Regular monthly updates on CX objectives and progress on the CX strategic plan are also communicated with all staff on the company intranet and at quarterly townhall meetings led by the eNett CEO.

Elsewhere, implementation of the strategy has also led to the roll-out of a Voice of the Customer programme, incorporating customer interviews and panels and direct and indirect feedback, closing the feedback loop by communicating the information to staff and customers.

The impact of Zora’s strategy has been reflected in improvements in ‘Relationship’ NPS to a level comparable to the likes of Trip Advisor and Uber in terms of customer advocacy, as well as a big uplift in ‘Transactional’ NPS. Employee engagement results are also improving year-on-year. And the combination of these is translating into robust revenue growth.

“The overall CX strategy has contributed to eNett redefining its approach as one that delivers great payment solutions that benefit our customers, their customers, and us. This strategy and its execution has delivered great outcomes internally and outstanding results for our customers.”

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