Jeremy Cox
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Jeremy CoxJeremy Cox is MD of The Wisdom Network which helps growing mid sized companies manage their growth profitability by developing and applying CRM strategies. Members of the network bring a collection of incisive skills and methods to bring to fruition Professor Francis Buttle’s definition of CRM:

CRM is the core business strategy to increase the size and profitability of your customer base by creating and delivering superior value to targeted customers at a profit.

During the early 1990s, IBM had lost touch with its customers and markets and missed the signals presaging change. Profitable growth had become elusive. By the end of the decade the company had transformed itself despite everyone's predictions into a profitable and growing organisation. Jeremy led and was involved in several strategic projects to help the firm identify new opportunities for profitable growth and also to enhance productivity of its global sales force. It is these experiences and challenges which have shaped his understanding and abilities to offer and develop practical and effective solutions to critical challenges whilst under fire. His many years of working with smaller companies enabled him to cut through the inherent myopia of a global company by asking unreasonable questions like: 'why can't we do this instead?' Following a stint at KPMG Consulting as Principal Consultant CRM, he founded The Wisdom Network in September 2002. Our first client was Hewlett Packard, and since then he has supported BT Insightexec, CGI-American Management Systems Inc and trains Microsoft's CRM reseller channel on the critical business aspects to help mid market companies generate real value from CRM. He is co-author of ‘Mid-Market CRM – Customer Relationship Excellence in Mid sized Enterprises’ recently launched by Insightexec Press May 2004 and has published many papers dealing with different attributes of successful CRM programmes – customer profitability analysis, strategy and roadmap development, sales force effectiveness, change management and the delivery of superior customer value through alliances and optimisation of channels – direct and indirect.

His team includes similalry well qualified and deeply experienced CRM practitioners who can bring rapid value to mid market companies

Jeremy and his colleagues are well placed to advise Board level management in medium sized businesses who serve business customers (B2B) on:

  • Customer acquisition, retention and development goal setting for your CRM venture
  • Customer Profitability Analysis
  • Vision Development & Consensus building
  • Assessing your strengths and weaknesses to elicit priorities
  • Developing your CRM Roadmap
  • Developing better practice processes
  • Sales Force Effectiveness & improvements in productivity
  • Alliance and channel management to deliver superior value
  • Helping your IT provider to apply IT effectively

Providing you with:

  • A pragmatic business driven CRM programme which will enable you to grow your business profitably and improve the lifetime value of your customers through superior value delivery.

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Published work

Mid-Market CRM – Customer Relationship Excellence in Mid Sized Enterprises - Professor Francis Buttle & Jeremy Cox et al - 2004 Insightexec Press

The Ludlow Sausage Company – winning the ‘coopetition’ game
How a group of competitors banded together to differentiate themselves from Tesco and win new customers.

Are You Firing on all cylinders? - a CRM Checklist
This paper looks at the key ingredients for a successful integrated CRM strategy.

Customer Resource Optimisation – making CRM work in B2B
How to improve productivity of expensive face-to-face resources by applying the right resources for the right circumstances, in line with buyer behaviour.

For PRM Success, Think Strategically, Act DecisivelyThis looks at developing partnerships and supporting them effectively by taking a strategic market led view.


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