Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen: We're the Big Data firm for marketers

Stuart Lauchlan
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With its big push into the increasingly crowded Marketing Cloud battlefield, Adobe has upped its skin in the Cloud Computing sector - but it's a natural progression according to Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen.

"The affinity that we have with marketers as a result of the brand and heritage that we've had with these customers is absolutely unparalleled," he argues. "Others are going to take different approaches of going into IT. We are focused on CMOs. We've said that is the big growth opportunity for us. We're the Big Data company for marketers."
Adobe Marketing Cloud is of course the consolidation of 30 distinct product offerings into five solutions: Analytics, Experience Manager, Target, Media Optimiser and Social.
Marketing lead
Narayen sees Adobe as well placed as a result to tap into the move towards the Marketing Cloud - also being tackled by the likes of as well as established players such as Infor and Marketo.
"In Digital Marketing, we continue to be the leader in this exploding category, targeting Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Revenue Officers, advertising agencies and publishing executives who are looking to accelerate their shift to digital," Narayen adds.
"No other company has the relationships with marketers and the end-to-end value proposition that we do, and we're seeing tremendous interest in our solutions from the marketing community."
The reason for this is simple, he suggests. "I think virtually every Chief Revenue Officer or Chief Marketing Officer, as they think about the various channels through which they communicate with their customers, application stores and online web properties are now part of the same story," he says.
"So if you're an automotive manufacturer that wants to create a website and wants to create a manual digitally, you want to have a similar workflow to do that. One is executed through DPS, one is executed through the Adobe Experience Manager.
"If you're a media company, you're certainly going to make sure that what you provide on your web is consistent with the way in which you provide your digital publications. We are now up to something like 250,000 digital publications that are delivered, editions everyday through the iStore.
"So we're continuing to see progress in DPS, not just with digital magazines, but also with training material and manuals, collateral, catalogs and retail information that's going out there.
"There is really a lot of synergy between going into a large customer, communicating that we have the desktop applications to allow them to create the video they want, the mobile applications they want, as well as the web content and to have both of our service solutions work seamlessly with that."
Getting creative
Elsewhere on the product offering front, Adobe claims success in driving Creative Cloud adoption over the past three months, recently passing the 500,000 subscriber mark and with a goal of 1.25 million paid subscriptions by the end of its current fiscal year.
"The buzz about Creative Cloud is increasing, and we are seeing significant growth in the number of free Creative Cloud users," says Narayen. "We currently have more than 2 million free and trial members, all of whom become a funnel of prospects that we target for conversion to paid subscriptions.
"Creative Cloud is becoming the go-to destination for creative professionals, satisfying their need to access all their Creative tools and services, as well as sync and store their work and collaborate with their colleagues. Creative Cloud subscription growth is being driven by its attractive pricing, as well as frequent product, feature and service enhancements we are providing."
Narayen emphasises that even with the new interest on Marketing Cloud, Creative Cloud functionality continues to be enhanced. In December, Adobe announced the acquisition of Behance, an online social media platform for creative professionals to showcase and share their work.
All Creative Cloud members will soon gain access to the basic Behance capabilities, while paid Creative Cloud subscribers will also have access to premium Behance features.
Other updates have included a new Photoshop release, which includes enhancements such as Smart Object support, new 3D features, improved CSS support, workflow improvements and support for the Apple Retina display, as well as innovations in HTML tooling, including updates to the Edge products and services and updates to Muse that allow its users to create websites tailored for mobile and tablet experiences.
Adobe has also announced that it will integrate the Marketing Cloud with the Creative Cloud in order to enable marketers and agency creatives to easily collaborate on marketing campaigns.
"We took the approximately 30 products that we had and we've integrated them a lot better as well as provided them in terms of simplified pricing and on-ramp for customer," says Narayen.
"As part of that, one of the things we do offer the larger enterprise customers is because they have now subscribed to the Creative Cloud as part of the overall transactions that they are committing to do with the company, they can certainly try out some solutions that they haven't already explicitly purchased."


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