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Analytics: How to make customers happy about being monitored and analysed

8th Nov 2013
Share this content caught up with Jim Sterne, founder of the eMetrics Summit and the Digital Analytics Association at the recent London leg of the eMetrics Summit. Here, he tells MyC about how analytics has evolved, why Big Data has damaged the digital analytics industry, and what you can do to ensure your customers are happy about being monitored, analysed and segmented. 


00.10 - The eMetrics Summit has been running for over a decade – how has the world of analytics changed in that time?

02.07 - The CMO is set to overtake the CIO in terms of IT spending. What implications is that having for the world of analytics?

03.05 - There’s talk of a real dearth of analytics talent at the moment. What are your thoughts on this?

05.14 - Are there any rules of thumb regarding the proportion you should invest on people vs IT for an analytics project?

05.59 - Has the excitement surrounding Big Data been a positive or a negative for the analytics sector?

08.02 - Has it increased awareness of the importance of data in the c-suite?

09.34 - Consumers are more aware about the value of their data. How can you get them to accept being monitored, analysed and segmented?

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