"Big Data is about storage, not just analytics" - Amazon CTO

9th Mar 2012

Companies managing unstructured Big Data must not only think about collection and analysis but also about how that data is stored, according to Amazon CTO Werner Vogels.

The technology executive delivered a speech entitled ‘Data without limits’ at the CeBIT event in Germany to discuss the role of Cloud in Big Data storage, outlining how Amazon’s Cloud can be used to help companies stay ahead of their business growth.

Vogels said: “It is really important that if you go into this Big Data world that you have limitless possibilities in your hand. You should not be restricted in the way you store things or the way you process it.”

Speaking on the three V’s of Big Data – volume, velocity and variety – he also focussed on the need to organise data to gain a competitive advantage. With data quality control proving a difficult for companies processing vast amounts of data, companies should focus on knowing which data to include in the stream, he said. 

“Big Data is not only about analytics, it's about the whole pipeline. So when you think about Big Data solutions you have to think about all the different steps: collect, store, organise, analyse and share,” said Vogels.

He added that as a company collecting vast amounts of data, bigger data is better – the more information you have, the better the recommendations. Times when recommendations have gone wrong are due to a lack of information, said Vogels.

Amazon doesn’t just collect Big Data to better recommendations but is also driving its own Cloud solution with Amazon Web Services – a collection of remote computing services that make up a Cloud platform.

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