Big Data vendor sentiment remained positive in 2012, says Ovum

Natalie Steers
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Despite sceptics warning that Big Data had been ‘over-hyped’ during the past 12 months, vendor sentiment remained positive.

That’s according to new research and analysis from Ovum and DataSift, which ranked twitter mentions and sentiment of vendors operating within the Big Data space in 2012.

Tony Baer, principal analyst for Ovum, explained: “Given the level of build-up and suggested hype, it surprised us that sentiment expressed about Big Data vendors still remained so positive in.

“What’s also interesting is the degree to which Big Data became a business, not just a technology story in 2012,” noted Baer, referring to business portals, such as Forbes and Harvard Business Review, edging out popular IT news portals for coverage of the traditionally ‘techy’ subject.

According to the findings, positive mentions of Big Data vendors outnumbered negative mentions by 3:1. Ovum noted that negative sentiment was shown to spike in November with headlines over HP’s troubled acquisition of Autonomy, whilst the majority of Twitter activity (60%) occurred in the second half of the year, as predicted, with vendors increasing their product announcements during the latter half of 2012.

The analysts found that while Hadoop garners much of the spotlight as a Big Data platform, the vendor 10gen, which develops MongoDB, came in second in mentions to Apache, which hosts the Hadoop project.

Baer added: “While Twitter streams are not a scientific focus group for detecting brand awareness, they provide a valuable window on market thinking. The data showed that while some players, such as IBM and Teradata, successfully scored high recognition in Twitter mentions, other enterprise players need to better focus their message to get Big Data recognition.”


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