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Consumerisation of IT blurring the lines between work and business - report

9th Dec 2011
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Data privacy will hit home, businesses will get regulator-savvy and Cloud Computing will continue to change the way we do business – so predicts data integration company Informatica as it looks ahead to the next 12 months for businesses in Europe.

Mark Seager, Vice President of technology EMEA at Informatica, says the infiltration of the connected world across home and work lives together with the consumerisation of IT is causing a blurring between the worlds of what’s personal and what’s business – and rising numbers of online tools and social networks are making it increasingly easy to share and exchange information.
“It presents a big opportunity for businesses to utilise big data to understand their customers better, however this also presents a conundrum when it comes to asking ‘how much is too much information?’,” Seager says.
As thousands of consumers are sharing more of their identity online, for businesses in 2012 the matter of data privacy will continue to shake up process and protocol, Seager warns. “With increasing volumes of intelligence on consumers now available, brands must tread a very fine line when it comes to what data they gather and how they manage it, to avoid overstepping the mark or making critical errors. And, over time, consumers must begin to consider the extent of the information that they are truly prepared to share with organisations.
Seager also warns that regulatory bodies are under pressure to up their game in 2012, which means that companies will continue to feel the sting of hefty fines unless they address the challenges of protecting data. “With regulators set to continue to wage war against businesses failing to implement the right information management procedures, businesses must act quickly to ensure they aren’t in the firing line for a hefty fine,” he says.
And while cloud computing will continue to change the way we do business, rates of adoption have been slow across Europe in comparison to the US. “The year ahead will see an upturn in cloud adoption, driven by the need for organisations to be more agile, as well as the need to cut costs,” Seager says.
Meanwhile, social media will continue to fuel a data torrent, adding a new dimension to the information management challenge for businesses, Seager predicts. “With a myriad of data types to handle, an increase in merger and acquisition activity and an explosion of virtual technology initiatives, the task of protecting customer intimacy and maintaining meaningful customer interaction is set to become a much harder task for businesses in 2012.”

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