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Consumers reward trusted brands with personal data

21st Jun 2012
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New research has revealed trust in a brand is the main factor in determining whether a customer will share their personal information.

Future Foundation and the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) surveyed over 1,000 UK adults found nearly 60% of respondents cited trust as the most important factor in deciding to share their information.

According to the report, 80% of people now believe that the disclosure of personal information is ‘a fact of modern life’.

Additionally, one in three people regard their personal information as a commodity to be traded with companies in exchange for free services or better benefits, rising to two in five for 25-40-year olds.

Chris Combemale, chief executive of the DMA, said: “Online platform owners and brands that market digitally must understand the current range of consumer views on data privacy. Insight into what they regard as private, what information they’re willing to exchange and under what circumstances should underpin their marketing strategies.

“The balance of power is now tilted towards consumers. They alone have the ability to choose who they share their information with, so it’s down to brands to give them a compelling reason to do so.

“This piece of DMA research highlights that unless brands are trusted, provide people with the opportunity to control how their data is used and suitably reward consumers for sharing it then they will be left behind in the digital economy.”


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