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Dr Martens kicks off new social market research service

7th Apr 2011
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Dr Martens is the first brand to test a market research service that provides social data about Facebook users’ demographics and interests on top of their survey responses.

The Social Research Platform is being provided by Techlightenment, an Experian company that sells social media advertising campaign software, and long-tail advertiser marketplace, Adknowledge.
The idea is that brands can promote surveys on their web sites and Facebook pages and Adknowledge will reward consumers for taking part by offering them virtual currency and in-game points that can be used with a variety of Facebook games.
Ankur Shah, co-founder of Techlightenment, said: "In the same way that Hollywood studios screen movies to gauge consumer reaction prior to general release, companies can use the Social Research Platform to test and refine brand messaging or get feedback on products."
The Platform can reach more than 10,000 online consumers per day and customers are able to access survey results and analysis immediately in order to tweak and optimise their campaigns rather than wait weeks or months he added.
John Cole, managing director of Adknowledge Europe, said: "There are hundreds of millions of social gamers in Facebook, 80% of which play at least once a day, and we’ve seen that they’re happy to trade their time and attention for rewards in the games they play. This gives us enormous reach to gather opt-in data for brands, resulting in immediate, customised information on any topic."
A report by Marketing magazine, meanwhile, indicated that Twitter was considering creating Facebook-style branded pages as part of an ongoing bid to boost its advertising revenues.
The branded pages would work in a similar way to Facebook pages by providing advertisers with their own space to provide consumers with tailored messages and content. They would complement the firm’s Promoted Accounts offering, which enables brands to purchase a place in recommended followers’ lists and sponsored hashtags so that they appear in relevant search results.

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