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Future-proofing business: What your future customers wish you knew now

29th May 2014
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As joint CEO of FutureWorld South Africa, partner in FutureWorld International, a futurist and a business strategist, Anton Musgrave helps businesses meet the demands of tomorrow's consumers. MyCustomer cornered him after his session at Customer Experience World London 2014 to discuss the rapidly changing customer and find out how businesses can attempt to future-proof themselves. 


00:05 What is a futurist and how can they help businesses?

01:07 What has been the main driver of change for business in recent years?

02:44 How have customers changed, and how has this impacted the way brands serve them?

04:05 How do you see the consumer continuing to change in the future?

04:29 How is this going to affect the way brands approach customer service?

05:20 How far into the future should businesses should be looking?

06:57 As a futurist, what advice would you give to businesses of today?

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